Areas of Expertise

National Expert Witnesses LLC provides a wide range of Specialists in almost all fields – medical, technical and patent. We offer the most value in helping you find “hard-to-find” experts, or experts who excel in a very specific field.

Commonly used Technical Specialists include experts in intellectual property, valuation, accident reconstruction, engineering and architecture/construction. While we offer experts with these skills, we also offer experts in hundreds of other fields as well. Many of our experts are specialists with a deep knowledge of a specific industry or technology.

Intellectual Property and Patent Experts include experts in patent infringement, copyright, trademark, and commercial success, as well as experts with in-depth knowledge of a specific product, industry or technology.

Medical Experts include Surgeons, Cardiologists, Oncologists, Psychiatrists and Infectious disease specialists – and we offer senior medical Professors and Physicians in dozens of other fields…

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