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National Expert Witnesses LLC is a full service expert referral company that provides some of the best experts available anywhere! We’ll help you find the right person – an expert with an unusual specialty, or a hard-to-find person, or simply experts who are the “cream-of-the-crop” at what they do.

Our experts include department heads, university professors, authors, industry leaders, medical teachers and physicians, renowned scientists and more. Our goal is to find the best, most qualified expert for you, and to do this quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Why use National Expert Witnesses?

In addition to a database of thousands of experts nationwide, we’ll conduct a search of university professors, industry specialists, and authors everywhere possible to find the best expert for you.


There is absolutely no charge unless and until you’re satisfied and retain an expert.

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For more information, and to see how we can help, please contact Harold D. Cohen at 617-553-0850

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